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Seashell Lifetime Candle Collection
LT Seashells
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Beautiful nature inspired Lifetime Oil Candles - refillable, clean burning, smokeless and odorless. No trim fiberglass wick and owners manual included. These handcrafted candles are filled with seashells, ferns and other dried materials. A natural elegance for any decor. Handmade in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Handcrafted metal stands available. Opened candles cannot be returned. Centerpieces include two-part fleur-de-lis lid.

Item 12390 One Gallon measures 5" x 12", 128 oz., burns with one wick - $209.95. Out of stock.

Item 8390 Medium Centerpiece measures 8.5" x 12", 128 oz., burns with 3 wicks - $209.95.

Item 10390 Pedestal measures 5" x 20", 60 oz., burns with one wick - $229.95.